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Specific acknowledgments appear at the bottom of most artist and label pages, but I would like to highlight a number of particularly important individuals and web resources.


Gloryland Jubilee would not have been possible without the contributions of James Zurek, whose extraordinary personal collection formed the initial foundation for this discography. Moreover, James' Web radio show, Gospel Boogie, has been a key source of inspiration and information throughout the project.

My thanks also to Al Turner, who kindly allowed me to make use of a draft of his meticulously researched, but never finished, discography of white gospel music. He has followed up this extraordinary gesture by systematically contributing hundreds of label shots and song files derived from his fascinating collection of original discs. He has also served as a conduit for extensive contributions from the collection of the late P.J. Tricker, who has also earned my deep gratitude.

In addition, I wish to thank Scott Cheesebrew, who generously shared with me label shots and song files from his peerless archive of Ohio Valley gospel. Scott's YouTube channel, the Cheesebrew Wax Archive, has also been helpful.

Web Resources

Thanks to the Web, discographical research is far easier than it was when I was working on Rockin' Country Style in the 1980s and 1990s. Indeed, I doubt that Gospel Jubilee would even have been feasible back then. The following resources have been particularly useful as I compiled this database:

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